Louise Stephenson

Zumba on the Hill

Since Feb 2012

The Zu-Lou Tribe speaks!

The BEST Zumba party happening is in a small town called Vankleek Hill in Ontario, Canada.

Our licensed Zumba Instructor is Louise Stephenson.  She is less instructor and more hostess to a fab party.  She is the reason we have such a happy, successful group.

"Are you ready?" She calls as she womps  the music up, up, up.  We holler and scream and hoot and woot because SHE is ready to give us the best of herself and we know it!  Lou flashes THE biggest smile and she's smiling all the time we are dancing. "How are you doing?" She keeps asking, and we respond with insane hooting and clapping. We're all smiling, too.

She shows concern for everybody, so we follow her lead and welcome new members to the party.  Lou is kind and loving and generous. ALL her energy is given to us. She works constantly on new songs/dances and is always taking suggestions from us. With Lou, Zumba is not exercise, it's fun and our bodies are reaping the benefits!

We are the Zu-Lou Tribe. 

Le Zumba a changé ma vie. J'ai perdu du poids, j'ai gagné de la confiance en moi je me suis fait de nouveaux amis extraordinaire de la tribu. Danser avec la Tribu Zu-Lou me permet de relâcher le stress du travail et de la vie quotidienne. Nous dansons avec de la musique entrainante sur d'excellente chorégraphies que notre instructrice nous concocte semaine après semaine pour nous divertir tout en nous entrainant. Quoi de mieux que de bouger, perdre du poids tout en faisant le party! Parlant de notre instructrice, c'est la meilleure personne que j'ai jamais rencontré; une personne formidable, généreuse, énergique, facile d'approche, respectueuse et qui est toujours prête à nous aider avec des trucs de dance et même pour une alimentation saine. C'est aussi une personne dévouée pour sa communauté en organisant, par exemple, plusieurs levées de fond qui ont porté fruit. Il ne faut pas oublier la tribu Zu-Lou! Énergique et dynamique! Si nous combinons le tout, cela nous donne le mélange parfait pour la meilleure ambiance de Zumba possible. C'est ce qui me donne le goût de revenir semaine après semaine.


Lou, I think that if everyone would do your Zumba class....there would be no unhappy people in this world!

Le Zumba est la meilleure chose qui puisse être arrivée, car ça me permet de me remettre en forme, d'être beaucoup plus positive et de faire sortir le surplus de stress. Nous n'arrêtons pas de dire à quel point tu es une personne formidable et qu'il n'y a pas une personne avec qui tu n'es pas agréable. C'est rare aujourd'hui, crois-moi. J'ai beaucoup de plaisir dans tes cours et ta joie de vivre me fait du bien!

Great tunes, fun moves, dancing and burning calories, happy, friendly and easy-going people, one helluva sincere and charming chief, new routines frequently, right in town, .... perfect times with an incredible tribe!! Love the vibes with the tribe. You've built us a dream, Lou!


I am still a relative stranger to everyone there, but still feel a camaraderie with everyone there. There is something amazing about a group of random strangers getting together to make themselves better, and for me it's what keeps me coming back, but also more importantly I love my crazy, unique instructor like mad. I can't even begin to describe my gratitude for who you are. You care beyond the hour we are there with you and your genuine nature is a breath of fresh air.


Lou, tu me donnes le goût de danser et de sourire et tu me motives à sortir de chez moi. L'autre partie qui m'amène au Zumba Tribe c'est l'énergie du groupe et les cris de la gang qui s'amuse en dansant au rythme endiablé de la musique que tu choisis en pensant à nous.


Here is what I love about your classes: your passion for Zumba and all your unique Lou moves, your dances with Dale and others on stage, I love the battles, like something out of West Side Story, your music is fantastic… but mostly I love the way you make everyone feel connected to one another in the room, first timers, Lou Tribe everytimers, all ages, all abilities, everyone is loved, and welcomed and it is felt throughout the room!


There is a strong sense of camaraderie in Lou's classes. It's clear from the moment people step in the door that we are there to have fun and no one ever judges anyone else. Lou also stays very true to the core Zumba principle of using latin music and dance. In other courses, I can see other fitness trends being incorporated into the workouts, changing the feel of the workout and the atmosphere in general. Lou stays true to the Latin vibe and this a major plus.

Lou makes our class and our Tribe special. She’s fun and easy to talk to and makes us laugh and smile with her goofy antics. The atmosphere is always fun and just like a party! I think the inclusion of EVERYONE is what makes it a Tribe. Acceptance, nobody judging anyone....and our fabulous CHIEF! Oh ya, and a great party 3 times a week while getting fit! 😀


Where do I start? Your enthusiasm first of all, combined with humour and compassion to make us more "mature ladies" lose our inhibitions and make us feel that we are dancing. Your talent for choreography and choosing music that is both romantic and whatever you call the latest hits, we all love... all this and more makes you incredible.

Being new to an area especially small towns is not always easy being accepted. My family and I moved to Hawkesbury four years ago and I will have to say felt a bit lonely in the beginning. I wanted to make new friends and get to know the people in the area but for some reason I was having a hard time with that. People were standoffish - I was disappointed and a bit sad but I was persistent and was just myself being pleasant, polite and trying to be down to earth as much as possible. I figured sooner or later someone is going to smile back and say hi and that would be the start to fitting in and making friends. I started going to zumba classes in Grenville and slowly got to know some of the people there but then I decided to check out Lou's class in Vankleek Hill and I will have to say from the moment I walked I had a warm feeling. I knew I could be myself and dance my heart out in the back row where I prefer to be and not be judged. I felt WELCOMED! What a good feeling. And before I knew it, people were coming up to me introducing themselves and boy was I a happy zumba sista. It's so fun to be part of the Lou Tribe. Lou makes every class special just by being there with her infectious smile and warm loving character! Big hugs to all!


Licensed to teach:

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba StepZumba Step
    License to teach lower body workouts using a blend of Zumba® routines and step aerobics.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.
  • E-Learning NutritionE-Learning Nutrition
    License to teach Plate by Zumba™ classes.